About Me

Yejin Cho / 조예진

I am currently a second year PhD student in Computational Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, advised by Dr. Katrin Erk and Dr. Jessy Li.

I study natural language processing. My research interests are in computational semantics, with the focus of representation learning and language modeling which are at the heart of an automated understanding of meanings in human language. Specifically, I aim to investigate how to learn a better representation of language that allows us to systematically capture delicate differences (i.e. nuance) between near-synonyms.

Before coming to UT, I worked on phonetics along with automatic speech recognition (ASR) system and its language model. I was a member of EMCS Lab (led by Dr. Hosung Nam) at Korea University, which is an active interdisciplinary research team with focus on computational approaches on language.